North Star Township

North Star Township is a rural, agricultural area located in Michigan’s central, southeastern region. As of the census of 2020, there were 895 people residing in the township.

It began in 1857 with the organization of what was then known as Douglas, a station on the Ann Arbor Railroad. It was renamed “North Star” in 1884. Our little town has remained active throughout the years, maintaining a post office.


12 Aug

9 Sep

In the Spotlight

Memorial Day flower reminders

Artificial flowers are allowed in vases or durable planters/pots on the foundation and must be secure.

No artificial flowers are to be stuck in the ground or any other Memorial decoration made for that purpose and is subject to removal per ordinance.

Real flowers may be placed in vases or durable planters/pots on the foundation or may be planted in a space not to exceed 12" in front of the headstone.

Wreath stands are not allowed until after November 1st and if found on a grave prior to that time, will be removed per ordinance.

Veteran Flags

Veteran flags will be placed in appropriate veteran flag holders for each veteran who is interred in North Star Cemetery. The flags will be placed by cemetery management or its agents prior to Memorial Day and will not be removed until after September 1st.

Any other flags found stuck in the ground for decorative purposes will be removed per ordinance.


Township Cleanup Day

Saturday, June 1st from 8am - 11am

Postcards will be sent out two weeks prior to cleanup day and must be brought with you as proof of residency.

Residents must help unload their trash.

Click on the event tab on this page for more details.

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